History of Fragile X Syndrome

In 1943, Martin and Bell showed that a particular form of mental retardation (later known as fragile X syndrome) was X-linked. In 1969, Herbert Lubs developed the chromosomal test for Fragile X. The test was not used extensively until the late 1970's. In 1991 the FMR1 gene that causes Fragile X was identified.

Fragile X-related Research

Reports and Commentaries Regarding Recent Fragile X Research

Current Research Studies Seeking Participants

NIH Issues Research Plan on Fragile X Syndrome and Associated Disorders

Journal of Pediatrics Article on Fragile X (2009)

How to search the Internet for all Fragile X related research

There are thousands of research articles and papers relating to Fragile X-associated Disorders on the Internet. In many cases, you may read the abstract of the research. In other cases the full research article is also available at no charge. In some cases viewers will be linked to a journal which will charge a fee to view and/or download the complete article.

Both PubMedM and ClinicalTrials.gov contain a search box in which you type key words to bring up related articles. Your search can be general, as in "fragile X" or more specific as in "mGluR antagonists and fragile X." You can also search for things like "behavior and fragile X," "therapy and fragile X," etc

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